Baobab Initiatives and Policies

As a corporate citizen, we seek to achieve a balance between our business activities and the needs of the communities which we impact. We at Baobab Beach Resort value the importance of strong relationships with the communities in which we operate. Therefore; nurturing of community relationships is a core element of our business’s social responsibility. This Community Relations Policy provides a framework which will guide the decision- making and actions of Baobab as we seek to cultivate and establish harmonious relations with our stakeholders. Through active community participation, we develop a long-term commitment and create positive energy built on mutual understanding, respect and trust.



  • Build and keep good relationships with the community based on transparent and collaborative conversations, providing communication channels and strengthening the leadership of community members to build permanent relationships based on trust.
  • Provide opportunities in the locations of which we are part, promoting the development of the local economy by boosting local employment and supporting local providers to join our value chain.
  • Improve life quality along with the community, by promoting the development of innovative and sustainable projects that have a social impact, linked preferably to education and a healthy lifestyle.


In supporting the community, we will:

  • Demonstrate Baobab’s Community Relations Policy to all employees and other stakeholders as appropriate;
  • Recognise that each community is unique;
  • Listen to community needs and expectations and seek regular feedback;
  • Become an active member of the community through involvement in social, recreational, well-being, charitable and cultural initiatives;
  • Seek to continually improve our standards of community relations involvement; and
  • Review and revise our Community Relations Policy to maintain their relevance.

By acting on this policy, we make a meaningful contribution and create positive energy within the communities in which we operate.


The Management and staff of the Baobab Beach Resort recognize and accept that the activities involved in running the business necessarily impinge upon the environment. In an effort to minimize these effects, the Hotel is committed to a policy of sound and responsible environmental management, leading to a sustainable use of resources and optimal management of waste.


Therefore the Hotel undertakes that it will:
  • Ensure that all employees at all levels are aware of the potential environmental effects of their activities and the benefits of improved environmental performance, and will provide specific environmental training to this effect.
  • Communicate this policy and promote environmental awareness amongst all employees
  • Display this policy statement in a prominent position within the Hotel
  • Make this policy statement available to all interested parties on request.
  • Endeavor to prevent pollution and comply with all applicable environmental legislation as a minimum standard.
  • Promote the principle of sustainable development whereby the present needs of the Hotel will not compromise the abilities of future generations to meet their own needs.
  • Adopt a policy of green procurement, taking environmental factors into account in all purchasing and supplier contracts
  • Provide locally sourced produce where available and never knowingly use genetically modified ingredients or products.
  • Take all measures that are reasonably practical to reduce waste at its source.
  • Re-use waste components where it is safe and practicable to do so.
  • Recover/recycle those fractions of the waste stream where an outlet is available.
  • Dispose of final wastes by the most environmentally suitable means.
  • Adopt the practice of responsible energy management through reduced consumption and the encouragement of energy efficiency throughout the business.
  • Encourage the use of public transport and provide facilities for the disabled, pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Aim for continuous improvement.


Actions taken to reduce our impact on the environment
  1. Reduce the amount of waste going to landfill
  2. Extend our sustainable sourcing
  3. Help improve local businesses and our local community within our supply chain
  4. Take steps to encourage both our guests and employees to lead healthier lifestyles
  5. We record energy usage allowing accurate monitoring of our energy consumption and energy saving initiatives.

f) We use low-energy bulbs (LED) where possible.



  1. We change bed linen after the second night unless requested.
  2. Kettles are of 1 litre capacity or less in rooms to save energy boiling water that is not required.
  3. To reduce detergent and water usage, we only change towels when requested.
  4. We use locally sourced products wherever possible.
  5. Most of our wines and spirits are sourced locally.


This policy will be revised periodically to ensure its applicability to activities of the hotel and the industry’s evolving standards.


At Baobab Beach Resort & Spa, we support and respect the protection of human rights within the company’s sphere of influence and strive to conduct our business operations accordingly. This includes standing against such tragedies as human trafficking and the exploitation of children. We strive to respect and promote human rights in accordance with the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights in our relationships with our employees and the companies we do business with. We believe that we have a responsibility to manage our business in a manner consistent with fundamental human rights and our aim is to help advance the protection and promotion of human rights within the communities in which we operate.


Ethical Business Conduct

Baobab believes that it is defined both by the results it achieves, and the way it achieves them. Baobab is committed to maintaining a high standard of business ethics, integrity and honesty in full compliance with all applicable laws. The Company’s Code of Business Ethics contains rules and guidelines, and serves as a reminder of its policies and commitment to do what is right and ethical for Baobab and all of its stakeholders. All Baobab employees and contracted parties shall comply with the laws and agreements applicable to operations where we operate.


Protection of the Rights of Children

Baobab supports every child’s right to a safe and secure childhood and is committed to the principle that all people have the right to grow up and develop without fear of exploitation or harm. Baobab condemns all forms of exploitation of children. The Company does not recruit child labor, in accordance with the applicable International Labour Organization Conventions, and supports the elimination of exploitive child labor. Baobab and its employees shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the prevention of the commercial sexual exploitation of children, including the prevention of the use of its premises for such exploitation.


Our commitment to protect children:-

  • All children in distress and abandonment are having their rights violated.
  • All children have equal rights to protection from abuse and exploitation.
  • The situation of children must be improved through promotion of their rights as set out in the UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child.
  • Children’s abuse and exploitation is not acceptable
  • We need to commit to protect children with / for whom we work.
  • When we work through partners they have a responsibility to meet minimum standards of protection for children in their programs.


What can you do as a guest to ensure children are protected?

It is the policy of the Baobab Beach Resort & Spa to report all suspicious circumstances involving children to the local police and child protection agency.

Therefore, don’t look away! If you observe any interaction between adults and children (be they local or tourists) that you find strange or suspicious, tell the Hotel Management, any member of staff or your Tour leader. We are all trained to deal with such matters and always consider our actions very seriously in order to ensure that the child’s best interest is upheld.


Combating Human Trafficking

Given the nature of our business, we are sensitive to the existence of human trafficking. The Company has a zero-tolerance policy concerning human trafficking and we are committed to working with the relevant authorities to establish steps that help prevent the use of Baobab Beach Resort for trafficking and to raise awareness concerning such exploitation. We will cooperate with law enforcement authorities to address any such instances of exploitation or trafficking of which the Company becomes aware.


Protection of the Rights of Employees

Baobab seeks to maintain a culture that supports the well-being and inclusion of all employees and is committed to encouraging a positive working environment which meets and exceeds legal requirements. Baobab recruits employees without regard to gender, age, disability, marital status, pregnancy, nationality, political affiliation, religious beliefs, union organization, minority group or any other characteristic protected by law.

We respect our employees’ right to join or not to join a labour union without fear of reprisal, intimidation or harassment. Where employees are represented by a legally recognized union, we are committed to establishing a constructive dialogue with their freely chosen representatives. The Company is committed to bargaining in good faith with such representatives.

We are also committed to maintaining a workplace that is free from violence, harassment, intimidation and other unsafe or disruptive conditions.


Quality is important to our business because we value our guests. We strive to provide our guests with the services that meet and even exceed their expectations. We are committed to continuous improvement and have established quality assurance procedures that provide a way for us to measure and improve our performance.


We have the following systems and procedures in place to support us in our aim of total customer satisfaction and continuous improvement throughout our business:

  • Regular gathering and monitoring of guest feedback
  • Customer complaints procedure
  • Training and development for all our employees
  • Regular monitoring of feedback, taking action to improve when identified
  • Measurable quality objectives which reflect our service level standards
  • Regular reporting to management of our guest feedback and complaints


For the implementation of the Quality Assurance Policy, Baobab Beach Resort & Spa ensures that:

    • Each employee is responsible for the quality of his work
    • Each supervisor is responsible for the quality of his department
    • All employees are informed of the Quality Assurance Procedures and of the Food Safety System
    • All the necessary means and resources are provided, in order to achieve the quality objectives
    • All control measures are analyzed and used as part of continuous quality Improvement


Our internal procedures are reviewed regularly and our quality objectives are communicated to all our employees through our Company Notice Board, intranet, team meetings and staff handbook. The aim and objective of the Management and all employees’ is our commitment for continuously improving quality of our services.


Although the General Manager has ultimate responsibility for quality, all employees have a responsibility in their own areas of work, helping to ensure that quality is embedded across the whole property.

    Baobab Corporate Social Responsibility

    We believe that the local economic and social impact of our resort can be managed positively and responsibly and that is why we are integrating our operations into the life of the local community.

  • Diani Regatta Festival

    Diani Regatta festival links tourism to local communities. Baobab Beach Resort & Spa is very cognizant in promoting livelihoods and improving living standards of the local communities here in Diani. Through our annual sponsorship, the festival has supported dozens of local women who come to earn directly by selling local food, fabric and handicrafts.

  • Kwale School for Mentally Challenged

    As part of our commitment to community development Baobab Beach Resort supports a number of local education and community projects where we hand over food items, linen and more so spend the day with the kids enjoying the vibrant shows by our vibrant Animation team.

  • International Coastal Clean Up

    The international coastal cleanup began over 30 years ago when communities rallied together with a common goal of collecting and documenting the trash littering their coastline. The Baobab has been part of this noble cause.

  • Fanikisha Foundation

    Fanikisha Foundation addresses the challenges facing the people of Kwale County so that they become better citizens who are able to contribute to their own growth and development. The Baobab has been part and parcel of this foundation helping in Menstrual Hygiene Management.

  • Baobab Beach Resort & Red - Cross Partnership

    Our commitment has always been to work in wide range of partnerships in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. In our partnership with Red Cross Kenya, we hand over food stuff, cutlery as well as linen.

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